We are not a salon

Revolutionizing Massage

by Jesslynn --- posted August 7, 2010

I have built my massage career on the idea that every client deserves a top quality, professional massage. Most of my day consists of traveling between client’s homes, dropping into the office to check on my fellow Massage Therapists and best friends, & then working intently on networking with other professionals to promote Massage Therapy as Preventive Care.

We are not a salon. We are not a spa.

We have a unique space that we call “home away from home,” where we have devoted years to perfect our practice of making people feel better.

We fight stereotypes everyday, and we don’t believe massage is a “luxury.” We help people find a better connection to understanding their bodies and we form long lasting, priceless partnerships with our clients. We believe our mission is to revolutionize the way the world envisions “massage.”

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