Success Stories

I have received dozens of massages from Brittney at Metro Family Massage. All have of them have been both therapeutic and relaxing. I suffer from lower back pain and leg pain. Because Brittney is very much aware of the intricacies and anatomy of the human body, she knows just which muscles to massage to relieve pain and reduce tension. Her hands and fingers massage and flow in such a way that my body becomes totally relaxed and stress disappears. My heart rate and blood pressure go down while my sense of well being increases. Metro Family Massage is family friendly. The massage therapists are thoughtful, considerate, and kind. I have experienced a feeling of friendliness at Metro Family Massage I have not experienced elsewhere. I have been told traveling wrestlers, entertainers, and the local roller derby team have benefitted from massages from Metro Family Massage therapists as well.
The massages I have received are the best by far than I have received anywhere. Come see for yourself. Drop by Metro Family Massage and receive a onetime free 30 minute massage. Your body will thank you for it and I am certain you will want to come back for more.

-Allyn Mills, Colonel
United States Air Force - Retired

I’ve been working with Metro Family Massage for over a year now, and I can definitely say that they are the most professional, customer-driven massage therapists that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. As a guitar player, I’m constantly pushing my body to play faster and with greater precision, which results in a buildup of muscle tension that makes it difficult for me to do my job without pain. At Metro Family Massage, I get a customized experience that is tailor-made to my specific needs and truly enhances my quality of life. Their quality of care, professional demeanor, and passion for their work makes Metro Family Massage my only choice for massage therapy. In the comfort of my own home or in the relaxing atmosphere of the Metro Family Massage offices, I know that I can get a great massage for a reasonable rate at a quality that is unmatched by anyone in Oklahoma City.

-Bryon White

I highly recommend Metro Family Massage for anybody with chronic pain. I was visiting OKC and needed back pain relief asap. I called for an appointment and was seen within hours. I was greeted with a smile and a handshake. The ambiance was as charming as the therapist. Brittany was both knowledgeable and informitive of my pain. I walked out of your office totally pleased with your services. I was pain free by the next day and had no pain issues during the next week of my stay in OKC. I was very impressed with the service and will definetly call for a return visit the next time I am in the area.

-Mindy Morgan-Wirth

I love Metro Family Massage. Our team has been going to them all season and I'm so glad we have. I have lower back pain, especially after a bout or hard practice. Every time we have a bout, I would schedule my massage the morning after because I know they are going to make my back feel so much better. Brittney is the best. They have always made me feel very comfortable and I always leave very relaxed. By watching our bouts, they know exactly how to relieve the pain and tension from the night before. Metro Family has become one of my bout weekend rituals. I hope to be with Metro Family Massage for a long time.

-Mount Crushmore aka Christina Copeland
Oklahoma Victory Dolls

I  look forward to getting a massage from Ellen because she knows that my shoulders are what I am needing the most work on considering I am a 6ft. plus guy. I am somewhat muscular because of my military training and she can overcome those barriers and really work my knots out.

-Tony Montgomery

Migraines plagued me since a careless driver ran into the back of my car a few years ago. The doctor couldn't help me with prescribed medication. The chiropractor made some improvements, but it just wasn't good enough. The only person who rid me of those debilitating migraines was Ellen. She was able to relax the muscles in my neck and shoulders to release all my pain and tension. It took a few trips to the massage table before I finally felt better more days than I felt bad. She always knows which areas need the most attention, and now I feel great! I only get a migraine now if I miss an appointment. She is very responsive when I ask her to be gentle or dig in a little deeper. She is very comfortable to be around and I am very satisfied with Ellen's massages and recommend her to everyone.

-Patricia Tullis