Brittney Bytell

Hey everyone!! I have been a massage therapist since 2005, and I have been lucky enough to work for myself- with amazing people- for the majority of my career. What I do is helpingĀ  people heal, relax, grow, feel their best, and become more self-aware of their bodies and health. I completely respect modern medicine but at the same time believe that holistic preventative approaches should be more widely accepted and promoted. My treatments include all modalities of massage (ex: swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, hot stone, sports, etc…) And also include certain muscle techniques to elongate, and relax stubborn areas. I am very thorough, listen to my clients when they need problem areas focused on, and am very grateful to have the most amazing supportive loyal clients on the planet who trust me and know that I really care about their health & wellbeing!!! Please support small business and if you are more than pleased with your session, PLEASE spread the word to all of the people in your lives who could benefit from a therapeutic massage. THANKS!